Guardians of the Galaxy


this afternoon, Brandon and I went to see the Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX 3D. it was pretty funny! not as family-friendly as I assumed it would be, but that’s okay. packed with substantial one-liners and a feel-good storyline, it was a refreshing contrast to a lot of Marvel’s recent movies. it’s difficult to say whether it was worth the cost of an IMAX ticket, because very, very few movies are (given the ridiculous price of theater tickets anymore), but we had a good time and don’t regret having gone. if you haven’t seen it yet, maybe there’s time still to catch it in the theater or wait just a bit longer and rent it through red box. solid 4.5/5 for me!

Hot Yoga

today is the last class of my 5-class groupon for hot yoga. I’ve exclusively been attending classes at the Forest Hills hot house, which is between my work and my apartment. each class is 1 hour long and is between 95 and 105 degrees. the hot temperature allows the body to be more flexible and deepen the stretching. it’s also a great opportunity to detox a bit through the immense amount of sweating.

before I’d purchased this groupon, I’d attended only a handful of classes. these were scattered throughout the previous year, but became more frequent within the two months before I finally purchased the package I’d mentioned. I never thought I would be “into” yoga. I had always ended up participating as a social interaction; I had friends who would invite me to practice with them. as I did this, I learned a bit about yoga and was surprised at how difficult it was.

through practice, I’ve felt stronger, more flexible, and felt more balanced. like, I mean my balance has become better, literally. none of that mental happiness stuff. sure, feeling better about my physical self does make me happier, but I have yet to embrace any of the yoga” mindset,” as i think of it. I’m not sure I ever will, but I’m also not sure that will really ever matter.

the conflict now is whether I should continue on with classes. at the hot house I like, a month’s worth of unlimited classes costs around $200. yes, TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. what gym costs $200 per month? the gym I pay for costs under $60 per month and I am allowed in there 24/7 all month long. the hot house only offers two classes per weekday that I could even attend and only 2 on weekends (Saturday only). I’m not sure it would be nearly worth the cost.

so I face four options now: 1. quit going and practice solely at home, 2. fork out the $200 per month and figure out a way to make my bills work, 3. attend the occasion $10 drop-in class, 4. look for a new hot house.

all in all, I am unwilling to give up on yoga. I find too many benefits and that I actually enjoy it (WHAAT!?!?! “enjoy” exercise? what?!). we’ll see what happens.


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