Earning My Treats

this morning, I had an appointment at my doctor’s office to get a Hepatitis A booster shot (in preparation for my upcoming trip to Rome). I’ve already had the two shots that you get in the Hep A vaccination series, but that was over 10 years ago and it was time for an update. this shot doesn’t hurt too bad – it’s by no means a great time, but it doesn’t ache like a flu shot does. but I planned to stop afterwards and pick up a grande non-fat cappuccino with two Splenda packets because I had to be up extra early. I had to make the appointment before work, plus there’s major construction between my apartment and my doctor’s office.

all’s well and good, until the nurse tells me that, according to my file, I’m due for a tetanus shot as well. no thanks! I show her a photocopy of my vaccination card (thanks, mom!), which shows more recent information than their files. but she still recommended it. sigh. so I got one shot in each arm. and I can tell you which is which – the tetanus aches pretty bad. :(

luckily for me, I walked into work behind a consultant carrying a bag full of donut boxes, freshly purchased (and therefore freshly made and still warm) donuts from Krispy Kreme. so I got a treat for each one of my shots today. and I do believe that they were well-earned.

Happy 65th Anniversary

earlier tonight, Brandon drove to Brighton, MI to meet my dad’s family. his brothers and sister, their spouses and all of my cousins were able to make it. this is actually the first time in quite a long time that all of my generation of the Motta family has been together in over two years. so kind of a big deal. but an even bigger deal – we were there with my grandpa and grandma, who were celebrating 65 years of marriage together! even my grandpa’s sister and one of her sons was able to make it. as well as one of my grandma’s sisters and her husband (whose anniversary it also was). we had a great dinner together at Stillwater Grill before everyone had to part ways. but not before some photos, of course.


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