A Weekend in the Past

two weekends ago,  I made the 2-hour trek down to the Renaissance Festival. while not typically something I’d have an interest in, there are only so many weekends left in the year before it will be too cold to spend much time outside. I’ve only been once before, probably close to age ten.

got to throw some tomatoes at the Fools for a couple dollars and it was pretty funny to say the least. while I didn’t try my hand at any other games, I couldn’t help but stand and watch for a while. there was axe-throwing, star-throwing, knife-throwing, and archery. the axe-throwing was the most entertaining; there were two grown men, dressed as pirates, throwing axes and drinking beer. they were quite good at the sport and were mocking one another in-character, complete with accents.

of course, I had to watch the jousting competition, munched on some mac ‘n’ cheese in a bread bowl for lunch, watched a man juggle fire, listened to music, wandered throughout the festival’s many shops, and people-watched. the people-watching may have been the most interesting portion of the experience. they say it takes all sorts…. well, the some of the more eccentric sorts seemed to have congregated at the Renaissance Festival. it certainly made for an entertaining day. I can’t say I’ll find ourselves wanting to visit again soon, but I can’t say I’ll never return either.


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