Happy Birthday, Dad!

my father’s birthday is in late September and we have celebrated it in the same way over the past few years. my parents both enjoy visiting the historic Bavarian village of Frankenmuth and eating at Zehnder’s. the weekend before, we met there for dinner and I brought along a Cannoli Cake to celebrate. it was a recipe of my own making; I wish I had taken the opportunity to photograph it before we ate it in its entirety. my dad sure does love cannolis and I hope he liked the cake well.

the following weekend we met again, on the West side. I was able to give my dad his birthday presents on Friday night – a package for his upcoming trip to Italy and Cannoli Ice Cream. Saturday we were up early to shop around at the Fulton Street Farmers’ Market. afterwards, we headed home for lunch and out to a vineyard. this is a much newer tradition. last year we visited a vineyard in celebration of my dad’s birthday. we learned about the different types of grapes and how they make different wines. having visited a different location this year, we learned how the wines are processed in the winery and packaged into bottles. last time we traveled down to Fennville and this time down to Tabor Hill. Fennville was far superior, but Tabor Hill was a close second.

Mary’s parents and Mary outside of the Tabor Hill tasting room.


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