Good Fortune

growing up, my parents used to take me to Cedar Point pretty much every summer. I remember the time I was finally tall enough to go on “big person” rides. I believe my first roller coaster was the Magnum. Cedar Point has been a source of good times since I can remember, so I thought I’d go back. since the trip went so well, I’m considering returning shortly for Halloweekends. even though it was Labor Day weekend and the last weekend before public schools go back for the Fall, it was supposed to be rainy and cold. so when I got to the park and it was actually closer to 90 without a cloud in the sky, the park wasn’t very busy and I had a great time of it.

Mary & Fluffy Chickens

fluffy chickens

it had been a few summers since I’d gone and thought I could use a little extra time. I decided to make a little weekend-trip of it, as opposed to the typical day-trip. I got good ticket prices for two-day passes to both parks. I was able to spend the heat of the first day in Soak City, which I actually spent in the Splash Zone (for the children) because it was way more epic than the slides and other stuff. two days gave me time to ride all the big rides and a good deal of the smaller, carnival-type rides. I ate a lot of food and saw all of the sites – including the petting farm, which I hadn’t been in since I was very young.


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