The Excitement of Paper

last Thursday was the annual Xpedx show. I know you’re jealous. mixing with the majority of the area’s professionals in print and production over food, drinks, and the most delicious miniature deserts. and I can’t forget to mention that the theme this year was bright pink. but seriously, the tiny chocolate mousse was amazing. the server walked near the table I was standing at, catching up with classmates from college, and I saw the array of itsy-bitsy treats. I was unable to resist for long. I caught the next server on her way out of one of the B.O.B.’s many kitchens as I headed over to another table of associates. wish I’d been able to try them all.

I know I don’t live in as large of a city as I’d like to, but we are the second largest city in the state. so, it’s still surprising to me how many people I network with somehow know one another through some other avenue. how does my old Branding and Identity Promotion professor know the Senior Sales Executive from my office? I guess when you’re talking something as specific in the print production and design realm as paper, the world of professionals would be small.

Mary’s tickets to the 2011 Paper Show.

it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I ran into several friends I hadn’t seen since my BFA graduation in May, including Sarah, Sara, Shannon, and fellow WordPress blogger, Jen. what else was great, was having a little one-on-one time with colleagues from work.


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