Halloween Festivities 2011

this year, I took a vacation day to hand out candy at my parent’s house. I don’t get many kids coming through our area; I think it’s too populated by college students. parents must think we’ll all be too drunk or we just won’t be buying candy to give out. I don’t know.

unfortunately, even at my parent’s house, of our 200 pieces of candy, about half was left by the end of the night. according to Cindy, my parent’s neighbor, there were only about 85 kids that came through, which is lighter than most years past.

somehow, I found the time to make my own costume by hand. yes, I busted out my grandma’s old sewing machine and tried my hand at a full dress. it was kind of an insane choice, but it turned out okay. and since I’ll be starting my first quilt soon, I think it served as good practice becoming friendly with the machine. I was some kind of frozen masquerading ice queen; not really sure. I just wanted to wear white and blue and have a reason for wearing my silver mask….

went trick-or-treating around my neighborhood, only to neighbors that I knew, just to say “hello.” my dad even put on a scary mask and made an appearance at Neil & Cindy’s, as per his usual harassment of them on Halloween. this started a few Halloweens ago when my dad put on some kind of mask and continuously trick-or-treated at their house until they started to get mad, not realizing it was him. since then, it’s been some kind of ridiculous tradition. and this year, I accompanied him. luckily, I got a full-sized Twix bar out of the experience.

one less embarrassing highlight of this year’s Halloween: the pre-teenaged (and teenaged) trick-or-treating girls seemed to love my Hello Kitty pumpkin. my dad said one woman almost walked right into him because she was staring at it and several girls stopped to take pictures with their cell phones, lol. and of course, had a fair yield of seeds. my mom toasted them up and by now, they’re already gone. what’s Fall without pumpkin seeds?

Mary's Pumpkin

Hello Kitty witch pumpkin


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