Antiquing, Jadeite & Jen

because my birthday occurred on a Thursday this year, I had a more formal day of celebration the following Saturday. the day began at one of the best breakfast joints in town – Wolfgang’s Restaurant. after a wait, we were able to get a table, thanks to Jen, who arrived early and put her name in for us. we had a leisurely breakfast and coffee together, catching up. Jen brought me the cutest pink journal from Anthro (it is her favorite place and one of mine as well). and the card! her card was so adorable – pink cupcakes with movable glitter – and the best message. so this notebook is a Keel’s Simple Diary (vol. 2). It’s an interesting and unique way to record, well, just about anything. I’m super excited to start using it.

after totally pigging out on biscuits, gravy, corned-beef hash, eggs, and hash browns, Jen and I headed out to do some antiquing. Jen happens to know all the best antique shops. she has a lot more experience with this kind of thing than I do. in fact, I first became interested in antiques because Jen had taken us out the previous summer. we looked through a few cute shops on the East side of town and then headed to a little hidden strip downtown. looking at treasures from the past was a great way for two friends to catch up. it was such a splendid adventure.

Antique Store Lamps

antique store lighting

I was on the hunt for some nice jadeite pieces. I’m a fan particularly of Fire King versus Pyrex, but it really doesn’t make a difference if the pieces are adorable and affordable. I am just starting my collection, after all. despite searching through about seven antique stores, we found less than thirty pieces of jadeite and most of them were quite expensive. it is either difficult to come by or very popular. we did find a few cute pieces that I couldn’t resist treating myself with.


new antique jadeite dishes


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