Father’s Day

since I couldn’t spend father’s day at home with my dad, we chose another time to meet. for what was probably the biggest father’s day celebration my dad and I have ever had together, we spent the weekend camping in Traverse City, MI.

though it was quite the drive, especially for my father, we made it to Timber Ridge Campground and got the tent set up in a snap. It was the tent’s first use, as I just got it as a gift from my parents for Christmas. it is a cute, little green tent, just enough for two people comfortably with belongings, or three people, if needed. worked just great for my dad and I! and as you can see below, we even had a power cord for a fan at night! Not exactly rustic, but it was fun.

Mary's green tent

my dad and I spent our time together making food around the campfires we built (and burning food around the campfires we built). we even made chili for our chili bowls on a little camping grill that my dad brought along. though my dad’s not much for s’mores, I did have my fair share. I think he made up for it with campfire pies instead. he’s a lot better at making them than I am. experience, I guess.

Mary's perfect s'moreMary's chili bowlCampfire

one of the days, instead of sitting around at camp, we toured the region’s wineries and vineyards. the Traverse City area is full of and surrounded by them, so we didn’t have to travel far in between locations; I believe we stopped in at 6-8 locations and one hard cider mill to boot. I’ll be sure to post up some pictures of that later on.

the National Cherry Festival happened to be taking place while we were in the city, so we couldn’t pass up stopping in to check it out. it was my first time visiting Traverse City and my dad hadn’t been there in a very, very long time either, and never for the National Cherry Festival. there was quite a bit of free food and samples as well as some reasonably priced and free entertainment too ($15 tickets to see Grand Funk Railroad and free fireworks).

National Cherry Festival

all in all, I had a really great weekend, spending time with my dad. and I think he had a good time too. I’d say that our father’s day was probably better than yours!


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