Wine Tasting

below are the pictures from our recent father-daughter wine tasting tour. sorry, mom, but you got to eat a chocolate meal and stay in a hotel!

Mary's dad wine tastingChateau de Leelanau had decent wine and a good wine mixed drink (at least we brought you some of this, mom!).

VineyardGrapesMary at the vineyardWillow Vineyard was beautiful. a cute little cottage on a huge vineyard.

Mary's dad wine tastingL. Mawby was the most expensive and least tasty wine of the tour….

Blackstar FarmsBlackstar Farms Pear WineBlack Star Farms had some of the best tasting wine I’ve ever sampled. they had an entire line of dessert wines on top of their regular assortment. and they even started making other spirits a few years ago. I especially was impressed by the pear wine, shown above. when the pears are just little babies on the trees, they are slipped down into the glass bottles and the bottles are hung in the tress. that is how the full-sized pear came to be inside of the bottles!

Where are the hobbits?45 North Vineyard & Winery was very beautiful and offered Bed & Breakfast accommodations, which looked very fancy, complete with a horse stable.


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