Insight into Mary #1

here I answer some of the most common questions I get, both online and in real life! there are tons, but I will do my best until I grow too tired today :]

why did you start blogging?
I wanted a site that wasn’t tumblr based to play around with HTML and CSS. in order to care enough about the way it looked, the site needed to be something I would maintain. plus, it give me a place to store my ideas and photos.

are you yourself in your blog?
when I re-read posts, after posting them, to check for spelling and grammar errors (haha), I feel like I sound a little more formal than I do when I speak. although I can be quite formal when I speak, if needed (like at work or with a professor). I also feel like I sound like a boring person, but I have a lot of fun in real life.

what is the most wonderful comment you have ever received, even outside of your blog?
this is tough, because all nice comments are wonderful! however, there is one time that sticks out in my mind – for my Junior prom in high school, while dining out, I walked up front in the restaurant to speak with a friend who had already graduated that I hadn’t seen in a while. while we were chatting, a little girl, probably 8 years old, maybe younger, came up to me and asked me if I was a princess. my friend told her “yes” and the little girl said I was a beautiful princess. I probably won’t ever forget that, but looking at pictures of myself from that night, I don’t know what she was thinking haha!

do your parents read your blog?
at least my mom does, I think.

how are you as a person?
um, trying to describe myself, I feel like I have multiple personalities! sometimes I am shy (I can’t go through a drive-thru window…. yet), but sometimes I am outgoing (I was in a sorority after all!). so, I’m not really sure? I’m a good listener and a good friend – I like to think that I’m the friend who is always there for my friends. but this also leads me to a great deal of disappointment when I need them to be there the same way and some of them aren’t. such is life. I allow myself to get down too often; so when I’m happy, I make the best of it!

how often do you go out and party?
this question feels like a joke. two years ago, I would have said every few weekends. but now, I’m lucky if I get out once a month, even just to have a drink or two. I’m very busy now and have somehow developed a palate for more expensive food and drink, so it can be costly to go out. thus, I tend to stay in and make my own, cheaper fun.

what is your favorite clothing store?
oh, oh, this is so difficult! I feel like most of the casual clothes that I own are from American Eagle. most of my plain-jane staples anyway (like jeans). H&M is a place I can usually find a few cheap dresses or random business pieces. when I’m looking for dressy options, like work-appropriate pieces, I always go to The Limited (for anything, but especially blazers), Banana Republic (dresses), The Gap, kate spade new york, Nordstrom, and Ann Taylor. Sometimes, I’ll hit up Express, but their sales tend to suck unless you get really lucky randomly. I like to buy lounge-wear from Victoria’s Secret and gym clothes from The Gap and Old Navy.

do you watch sports?
I don’t watch any sports but hockey and I don’t really love any teams except the Detroit Red Wings. I do watch the New York Islanders from time to time, but I’ll always prefer Detroit. not just because they’re the best, but because they’re the team from near my home and because my dad always liked them best. so I grew up loving them. :] I’ve also been known to sit through MSU football in the past.

do you bite your nails?
I used to bite at my nails, like most young people. but there are some people my age that still do it. I know it can be a nervous habit and hard to get rid of, but I managed to stop after years! late in high school, I decided that I was so tired of having short stubby nails, that I made a promise to myself to stop biting. and just like that, I did! a few weeks later, my nails were growing out and I have been going strong ever since. I can now get my nails quite long, unless I’m being too active and break them.

are you happy with yourself?
I am sometimes happy with myself. but they say you are your own worst critic. I’d like to lose some weight before my birthday. it’s not so much about the amount of weight, I’d really just like to be in better shape and feel better when I workout. running right now is HORRIBLE! I about die after ten minutes. it would also be nice to be taller! but that’s what high heels are for haha.

which is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?
I have several pairs of Jessica Simpson shoes that I love (cute AND comfortable!), but I’m not sure that counts as “clothing” really. I have this grey 3/4-length sweater I got in Chicago, IL at Anthropology, I believe, that I wear a lot around the house. it has white lace embroidery around the v-neck part. it’s not super-fancy, but it’s the perfect thing to throw on when I’m a little chilly and it matches everything.

which energy drink do you like best?
sugar-free red bull is best! but recently, I tried the perfectly petite shot. it was tasty and worked well, but I prefer the red bull because I like to actually have something to drink instead of just a few sips.

favorite candy?
I feel like I shouldn’t say because I’m trying to give up on candy! but I especially do like sugar-free Nips.

what music do you listen to?
I have a really specific taste in music that reaches across many genres. the “genius” on my iTunes hardly ever matches anything that I want to hear. It would be easiest to say what Pandora stations I have made: Classical Classical, Mambo Italiano Radio, The Rat Pack, Mindless Self Indulgence, Eminem, 2000’s Hip Hop, 60’s Oldies, Ricky Martin, Basshunter, and Dubstep.

What are your future plans?
buy a car, get a good job in a bigger city, move, buy a condo, and travel!

do you have many friends?
I keep in touch, via social media, with a fair amount of friends. I hang out with a smaller group of friends, and have a few (to count on one hand) close friends.

did you have good grades in school?
yes, surprisingly! I was a straight A student (for the most part) in high school and managed to graduate college just missing highest honors- boo!

Do you live in an apartment or house?
I live in a two bedroom apartment at the moment. I’m quite proud of how nice I’ve made it look since it’s the first place that’s felt like a “home” now that I’m done with school and working a “real” job.

how do you stay tan?
well, it helps that I have olive skin (from my dad’s family), but I also use a load of self-tanner. I used to visit the tanning salon frequently, but now that I know how terrible it is for your skin and how you can get cancer from it, I have become afraid of going.

are your eyelashes real?
haha! yes. I use Benefit Cosmetics “They’re Real” mascara and sometimes a mascara by Makeup Forever when I need more drama.

which makeup do you use?
well, I am all over the place with my makeup products, so I’ll have to make a post about it some other time.

how often do you dye your hair? what is the natural shade?
I dye it every 4 to 6 weeks. usually I get two boxes of John Frieda’s foam color in brown/black. I use a color shampoo to keep it dark. my natural color is also brown, but lighter and more of a red hue. in the summer the red base really comes out and I am dissatisfied with it. I started with black dye my first year in college, but went to brown black a few years ago because it is more natural looking with my skin.

what lipsticks do you use?
before I put on lipstick, especially a matte color, I always use Smashbox’s Lip Treatment with SPF 15. it has honey in it and is incredibly moisturizing; it helps the matte color go on smoothly. my favorite matte lip color is Makeup Forever’s Rouge Artist – Intense 22 (light nude color). for chapstick, which I use almost everyday, I use Fresh’s SUGAR Lip Treatment (the plain, colorless one in the burgundy tube). when I use lipgloss, I love NARS in Turkish Delight (same as Kim Kardashian!).

what hair products do you use?
once again, I use such a variety of hair products! I will have to make a future post about this as well.

how do you organize your jewelry?
awhile back, I got a cute silver tree with a tray beneath it to hang my necklaces on (from Red Envelope). I love it and have all of my Tiffany & Co. jewelry hanging on it. I also store my rings and most popular earrings in the tray. Since I have a lot of other jewelry, I store it in a tiny wooden box with drawers that I got at IKEA. and for my other necklaces, I store them on a mug tree! a good re-purpose, if I do say so myself :]

what perfume do you wear?
I tend to switch it up between a few, so people don’t get used to the way I smell and then no longer notice. my absolute favorite is Touch of Pink by Lacoste, but lately I’ve come to love Jennifer Aniston’s scent and Twirl by kate spade new york.

what camera do you have?
my professional camera is a Nikon D90 and I have a great adjustable lens on it. but my day-to-day photography is usually done with my iPhone 4 because I always have it on me. I hardly ever use the camera app that came with it though, it doesn’t have very optimized settings, so I use other apps that allow me to adjust it manually.

where would you like to live  if you could choose freely?
Manhattan, NY, NY.

do you feel good living in Grand Rapids, MI?
it is okay here. I don’t hate it, but I definitely don’t love it. I’d like to live someplace much larger. and though I’m not very political, I’d like to live someplace less Republican. many of my own views are Republican, but this town centers on it so much sometimes, I just don’t want to think about politics! I’m pretty conservative on some issues, but I do want to eat out someplace other than a chain on a Sunday once in a while. people always request to come visit for a weekend and I tell them to expect to stay in on Sundays because everything is closed down due to how conservative the area is.

Do you have siblings?
no, it’s just me! so I am the favorite, of course.

do you have pets?
little Nate, is my pure-bred shaded gold Persian cat. he’s such a little sweetie. I’d love to get him a brother when I move into my next place. maybe a silver Persian to name Sterling or an exotic short-hair to name Ike.

the list of questions goes on and on, but I think this is enough insight into my life for now!

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