it would be somewhat unfair to call Rockwell the best restaurant in the city because I haven’t sampled from even half of what there is to offer here. but I don’t find myself able to try many other places because I keep coming back to Rockwell!

located at 45 S. Division, the area can be a little questionable at night, but this place is definitely not! on a scale of $ to $$$, I would place Rockwell at $$, but well worth it for both food and drink. the first floor has a bar and some seating along the front, side (under the stairs), and near the back (by the back kitchen). we always choose to sit upstairs, as it’s a little quieter and cozier. there is all seating up there, even some booths. a booth near the back has always provided me a light breeze from outside in the summer (there is a back patio upstairs with available outdoor seating, in the proper months) and kept me from the front door’s breeze in the winter.

service has always been great and they don’t seem to have a TON of turn around in their staff as some other local spots do. I’ve had the same few servers since I started going, about a year ago. so be prepared to leave a tip! if you’re only there to order drinks, please leave at the very least $1 per drink, bartenders are under-tipped all the time! I don’t personally recommend any of their specialty mixed drinks (I’ve tried several and haven’t cared much for any), but their specialty martinis are awesome! considering that this is NOT a brewery, and with the number of craft breweries in the immediate area, their beer selection is actually decent. but if you’re looking for something special, you may wish to order it early in the night, as they tend to run out of things that are in limited quantities.

the food is excellent, especially the sushi. they serve off of their menu until 11pm and serve from their sushi menu until 2am. this is much later than most of the bars in the area, so it is a good choice if you’d like something to nibble on while you’re out with friends that late. my absolute favorite there is the sweet potato tempura. it’s a definite must if you’re a sushi lover!

Sweet Potato Tempura from Rockwell

tempura battered sweet potato, goat cheese, umeboshi,
shiso leaf, scallion, tamarind ponzu sauce


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