The Green Well

last week, I had the rare and great opportunity to meet up with my friend, Jen. on her choice, we met at The Green Well Gasto Pub on Cherry, over in Easttown. hadn’t seen her in quite some time, as she’s been away on a business trip and I’ve been busy myself. as a side note, here’s something I didn’t realize: there is parking around back and it is accessible from multiple driveways! I do fancy myself some dinner and drinks from The Green Well from time to time and never again will I fight to find a place to parallel park my mid-sized car and walk ten minutes back to the restaurant!

their menu must change semi-regularly, as they didn’t have any of the food I’ve ordered in the past, except for a few staples (like their amazing – read: horrible for you – mac & cheese and a few salads). daring to step out of the box and choosing from their “light” menu, I ordered their cheese tasting while we sat up at the bar. this included several toast points, three different chutneys (one of which I suspect was beet, but was surprisingly good all the same), and three cheeses. one cheese was a goat cheese mixture, I believe. it was hard enough to be cut into a wedge, which is not typical of goat cheese, in my experience. one was made from sheep milk and the third tasted suspiciously like a mild or under-aged Parmesan. needless to say, I’m a sucker for cheese, so they were all delicious to me! for $12, it was a little steep, considering that the majority of my toast points were burnt, but it hit the spot at the time.

something I hadn’t noticed during previous visits, Black Star Farms produces three wines just for The Green Well. and if you’ve been following along on my blog recently, you’ll know then that I was just at Black Star Farms and I reviewed it as my favorite wine to date. I was both surprised and excited to see it on the menu and learn of their exclusive bottles as well. naturally, I helped myself to an order of their raspberry dessert wine (not exclusive, but still amazing!) and it was worth every penny of the $7.00 it cost for the half glass (with dessert wines, you are only served a half glass essentially; it’s a full glass in a tiny goblet, and it’s really all you need).

I do love The Green Well and will be going back in a week or so, but this time I’ll be staying away from their house Manhattan cocktail. despite my “perfect” order request, the bartender used only dry vermouth and it was a little punchy for my taste. also, their house whiskey is Jim Beam, which is not a favorite of mine at all. to top it off, there was no cherry! but seriously, for me, a $6.50 OK-tasting Manhattan is not something I’ll repeat. good thing they have that Black Star Farms wine!

Mary's raspberry dessert wine


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