Rainy Day

after sleeping in this morning (catching up on my sleep deficit from the work week and Saturday’s early morning farmers’ market trip), I packed the car and headed out for a little spur-of-the-moment day trip. what began with intentions of spending the day at a park or the beach slowly morphed into a trip further North than my usual PJ Hoffmaster beach location. I found myself en route to Ludington, MI.

shortly before my arrival to the Western coast, it began to sprinkle. but I did not let this stop me from walking out to the lighthouse looking over Lake Michigan. despite the little bit of rain, it was quite fun and a nice place to get away for a bit.

Mary in Ludington, MI

by the time I was headed back in from the pier, the rain had started to pick up a bit, so I decided to head into town to see if there was anything worth doing. turns out, there was not. not even any place that looked worth eating. against my better judgement, I stopped through a McDonald’s drive-thru for a sandwich to tide me over (EW!). I was rewarded for this stupid decision with a free Blueberry-Pomegranate Fruit Smoothie! it was actually very tasty. lucky me!

looking over the map, I was quite close to the Manistee National Forest Area. though it is a very large forest, I was close enough to Manistee, MI itself. so after a little driving, I located a trail-head with a few campsites (only one had anyone at it). so I parked my car and headed out with an umbrella overhead. and it was very beautiful once the rain slowed down and I walked for some time, probably about two miles. though the trail itself spans seven states and is over 3,200 miles long. during our trip, I decided that this Fall I will be heading into the Upper Peninsula to see more National forest areas (this is the only one in the Lower Peninsula).

Manistee National Forest SignTrees in Manistee National Forest


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