Kardashians and Serial Killers

last night had the strangest dream. I am not one to usually have nightmares, but I woke up in a panic around 4a from this one. as I got up to clear my head, I had to keep purposely pushing it from my mind. it has been a long time since I was worried about falling back asleep and dreaming the same dream!

I was doing some type of housework for a serial killer. but I knew he was a killer and I was trying to get proof or some type of evidence. except that while I was arriving to do this task, I became too scared and tried to get out of it by saying I had an appointment I’d forgotten about and had to be picked up. luckily, Bruce Jenner came to my rescue, albeit a little hurried and complaining about it. he took me to meet Kendall Jenner someplace. from there, she and I went to visit the grave of Robert Kardashian. which was in some kind of painted blue barrel in a field. Kim was there and they were complaining about the new large yellow and red striped umbrellas that had been put up over the graves. when it began to rain quite hard, we were forced to leave.

I am in the car now, on my way to an event with the Kardashian family, but we’re going by our house first to get Nate (my cat). I did not recognize the house we pulled up in front of from my real life, but in the dream I knew that it was my place. when I got to the side yard (it was a corner lot), I saw a lady in the yard placing a tiny package. the driver said, “another package, it can wait.” but I knew better. I ran to her from across the yard and was mean to her. I told her to hand the little cardboard box directly to me instead of putting it on the ground, where I think there was a larger cardboard box, taped closed, about the size of a large shoe box. in the dream’s reality, I knew she was a mother of a young girl who had been taken by the serial killer and killed. she said something to me about “more dead babies,” as I opened the box. it was supposed to be a clue from the serial killer; I was now a target for him since he knew that I knew who he was.

the box was full of tiny silver l-shaped or corner-shaped metal pieces. like maybe for holding up small wire shelving, where you would screw the screw in and secure the bit of wire for the shelf. it was packed full like a little box of staples would be. when I pulled the top off quickly, a lot of them fell out, but I saw a message written there. it said, “ALL OF THEM.”

this is when I woke up the first time. I kept telling myself not to think about what that could have meant because, of course, with a logical mind working, it probably would never make sense anyway. but still, it took me several minutes to go back to sleep. and I had the worst feeling that my cat had been cut open, filled with tacks, and was set to explode. AHHHH! what a horrible dream! who would hurt such a cute little guy?!

Sleepy Nate


2 thoughts on “Kardashians and Serial Killers

  1. iambrandonmcgregorBrandon says:

    What a gripping tale! Poor little Nate. I can triple verify he is safe and sound and cuddly as every.

    You’ve gotta stop watching keeping up with the Kardashians before bed. Too bad Poopsy and Mayonnaise didn’t show up.

    Didn’t we actually watch Indiana Jones in the last crusade?


    • strangemaryjane says:

      I know, it was a weird one. I looked for him when I got up and gave him a hug. I haven’t seen Keeping Up with the Kardashians in a few days actually, so I’m not sure why I dreamed about them. Cookie’s cats wouldn’t have been in my dream because I still don’t know which is which.


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