Little Goodies

not much going on this evening. I typically make a pizza and watch a movie together on Wednesdays, but I already had pizza on Sunday. so I watched the latest episode of Breaking Bad and am lounging on the couch. maybe I’m playing a little Skyrim too :]

really kept thinking about little things I like last night since I laid in bed several hours, unable to sleep. made for a difficult morning before work today. anyway, here’s the list, just in case you ever wanted to give me a little gift!

– Jordan almonds
– sugar-free Red Bull
– Gerber daisies (coral, off-white, pink)
– flannel sheets and blankets (teal or coral)
– OPI Upfront and Personal nail polish
– Sparkling Ice carbonated water
– sugar-free Nips (chocolate!)
– fresh SUGAR clear Chapstick
– freeze-dried yogurt
– Bahama Fizz candles
– cinnamon coffee
– Martha Stewart
– Fall and Spring scarves
– AE dark wash skinny jeans
– Aussie Hi Hold + Hi Shine hairspray
– Starbucks travel mugs/cups
– Orbit Sweetmint and Bubblemint gum


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