This Evening

do you know what is not fun at all? – the gym. I feel considerably better about it now that I’ve had a shower and am sitting down, but I’m really not a fan of the gym. I have just gotten back into going, about two or three weeks ago. I’ve been going for about a half an hour, but sometimes forty-five minutes. right now, it’s only twice a week, as I build back up to hour sessions. once that becomes routine, I will switch to three nights per week. I typically leave the weekend exercise to some kind of outdoor activity (biking, hiking, swimming).

now I feel refreshed and can relax a little before bed. I’d like to get in early so I can get an early start tomorrow. maybe do something different with my hair before work? not only have I been sleeping quite poorly this week, but it has not been helpful that I have a half hour commute to work (longer if I hit the morning traffic on the highway or main roads). such is the joy of working within spitting distance of an airport. so with little sleep, I am up earlier than usual to arrive at work on-time anyway. I’ve been wearing my hair wavy or in a bun for the entire week thus far! not glamorous and kind of boring. :/

plus, tomorrow I will get off work a little early as a treat for the holiday weekend.



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