What a Busy Weekend!

as you know, Friday brought the end to the work week for me. later in the evening, Colin came by for dinner and a drink.

Saturday started as most of my Saturdays do – at the Farmers’ Market! I found some great Honey Crisp apples, which were enough to fill my largest yellow Pyrex bowl. I also picked up some okra for jambalaya later this week. and lastly, a half pound of yellow beans – gotta get them before they are done for the year.

Fulton Street Farmers Market
after a short trip to the mall and a quick snack (I will share my finds with you tomorrow evening, after the gym, when I will have time to photograph them), I stopped home for a nap. an actual nap, haha! evening brought a trip to the UICA, which is currently exhibiting absolutely nothing, so it is free to walk around the first floor of the building. and look at nothing. don’t waste your time there until there is an exhibit, later in September (once ArtPrize resumes – joy). I dined at Rockwell’s on the outer deck for the first time, which was quite lovely. I will have to give you details later, as I have some photos to share.

Mary in the CityMary's iPhone photo of the sunset
Sunday began with brunch at Cherie Inn, located over in Easttown with Jen. wonderful white chocolate raspberry pancakes that I am pulling an extra night at the gym for this week as punishment. but well worth it. quaint little place, perfect for catching up over a nice, albeit carb-loaded, breakfast. Jen and I headed to the mall, where we stayed most of the day. I found some great pieces, which I will also update with later.

I closed the weekend with a trip to the second-play theater to see the newest Spiderman movie. I had been wanting to see it for some time now. after Robin, Spiderman is my favorite superhero :]

and now onto a busy and rough week. with all the fun I was having over the weekend, I didn’t get a lot of chores or errands completed. and since I have a houseguest for the coming weekend, I have much to do in advance, as I will now not be able to utilize the that weekend as I usually do. but this weekend was worth the fun! we all need breaks sometimes; now back to the grind.


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