Rockwell’s Deck


like I told you previously, I dined at Rockwell’s on Friday night. it is one of my favorite places downtown. this was the first time that I’d ever been on the back deck though and it was very fun. the temperature was just right, as it is starting to cool down into Fall now. they have out heating units that are super fancy as well in case it gets too chilly (below).

Deck at RockwellSign at Rockwell's

Mary at Rockwell's with a white chocolate raspberry martini

I had a White Chocolate Raspberry Martini. you might have read here before that I’ve not done very well with ordering drinks from Rockwell’s that I like, but this one was really tasty! it was made with Godiva White Chocolate Liquor, White Crème de Cocoa, Frangelico, Chambord, and cream. we also tried the Sticky Chicken as an appetizer. for $8.50, it was a lot of chicken with thai chili glaze, but not very much rice. and it turns out, I’m not the biggest fan of kimchee (I always expected it to be served hot and to taste spicy, but it was cold and tasted pickled).

Sticky Chicken at Rockwell'sI had the sweet potato tempura. and as if I wasn’t full enough already, the seasonal creme brulee was peanut butter and chocolate, so I just had to order a portion! very tasty; much better than the blueberry I had last time.

Peanut butter and chocolate creme brulee


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