Bet You Didn’t Know

– I LOVE to ski
– my shoulders look funny with little dimples
– someday, I really want to own a fox as a pet
– I could eat Nutella for days (like that’s a surprise)
– my handwriting changed with my major in college
– my shoe size is anywhere from 7-9
– I suffer from chronic nausea and subsequently insomnia
– some of my jewelry is handmade (by me!)
– when I learned to drive, it was in a truck
– I’d really like to own a Nissan Altima
– for several months, I’ve been putting off buying more checks
– US History is my worst subject
– I have a surprising base of “nerd knowledge”
– Bethesda and I have a love/hate/hate relationship
– sometimes, I get road rage….
– I think the “runners’ high” isn’t real or I can’t get it
– when I get old, I will probably be a cat lady
– when I can, I buy children’s clothes; they’re cheaper
– I use make-up long past the recommended periods
– in order to sleep, I must have a blanket or pillow
– though I can sleep with the lights on
– I don’t like to shop by myself
– when someone else is home, I’d rather be in the same room
– hearing people eat, drink, and yawn really bothers me; can make me gag
– I think Russia is fascinating

Mary at the UICA


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