Baby Gammas!

congratulations to the new Gamma Phi Betas of Oakland University! five years ago, I was in their shoes, as a new initiate of the Delta Omega chapter. it was fun to go back for Preference Night as an alumni on Saturday and see all my much younger sisters get to know potential new members before their last night of voting on who they would extend bids to. and this year there was even a legacy. everyone looked beautiful all dressed up, especially my sisters, in their black strapless dresses and pearls, which is the traditional Pref Night attire.

I met Kelly, who is an alum that is actually in my own family line. she is several generations above my grand big sister, which is pretty awesome. and some of the other alums present were initiated before I was even born! they were all very fun and interesting ladies, just like all Gamma Phi’s ought to be :]

Mary at Gamma Phi Beta Pref Night

congrats to the new initiates, extended bids on Sunday! becoming a Greek is one of the most exciting decisions in college, but becoming a Gamma Phi Beta is one of the best decisions!


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