Fall 07
everything I keep seeing and reading about Fall fashion is telling me that oxblood is the up and coming color of the season. but, personally, I’m not a huge fan of the deep burgundy/red. and while the heavy use of leather is also becoming popular, I can say without a doubt that I dislike oxblood-colored leather. I mean, if you’re going to invest in a real leather piece (a cute moto jacket or a chic new purse), why go with such a trendy color? next season, it may be completely out and you’re stuck with an expensive piece.
my compromise for Fall fashion is red. I am still holding onto the idea of color blocking and a favorite of mine is ivory, black, and a third color. so for Fall, why not red? especially for the office or date night, which the above outfit I create on Polyvore is perfect for. because leather is becoming popular, I chose a leather pencil skirt in a conservative neutral color. even if leather goes out of style, the color will save this piece for the next season. black heels are a staple you probably already have. a nude clutch is also a must-have for the twenty-something girl’s closet. a lacy sleeveless top in a useful color like black can be more casual or pretty dressy. and a semi-investment, like a fitted red blazer, tops off the look. because of the ivory, I’ve selected a gold statement necklace. the tiny red stud earrings pull the color theme together.

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