Saturday in Saugatuck

we visited Saugatuck, MI on Saturday (after our awesome breakfast at Wolfgang’s) because this was what my dad chose to do for his birthday celebration. Saugatuck is a little Western Michigan town with lots of interesting shops and some wine tasting rooms. it is picturesque, situated on the lake, with the leaves falling and the early Halloween/Fall decorations out.


at the Spice Merchants, I picked up an ounce each of clove-infused sugar cane, fleur de sel sea salt (for Christmas caramels), and Birthday black tea (a blend of vanilla, cream, caramel, and rainbow sprinkles!). the store had all kinds of salts, spices, seasonings, dry-rubs, mixes, teas, rices, and more. I could have spent all day there!Mary's mom & dad in SaugatuckFenn Vally is a favorite vineyard of both my parents and I, so we spent the most time at this tasting room, picking out wines to split a case together. I haven’t been to this particular location before, but two years ago for my dad’s birthday, we visited the vineyard itself. their 42 ice wine is the best I’ve ever had!

Fenn Valley wine glasses


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