Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo

Organix Coconut Milk ShampooI’ve always been attracted to these cute little Organix bottles in the Hair Care aisle, so when they went on sale about two weeks ago, I gave it a shot. to me, the Coconut Milk line smelled the best and was best formulated for my hair type. I did like the product, but in comparison to other shampoos I’ve used the past, it was just so-so.

the shampoo was thick and smelled great. but my hair required a lot of product to get clean. I tried it on my hair first everyday and then every other day to see if the shampoo would work better on cleaner or dirtier hair. it didn’t matter how dirty my hair was or how much product needed to be washed out; it required A LOT of shampoo to work. when I used enough of the shampoo, it did work well. it didn’t weigh down my hair, but did help to soften the strands (I have somewhat dry hair). the smell even seemed to stick around; I could smell it later in the day in my dry hair.

overall, I think this product is over-priced for how watered-down it is. if it were more concentrated at the same price point, I would consider using it again in the future. but for now, I probably won’t buy Organix products.


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