Weekend with Mom

my mom came out to the apartment for the weekend. we intended to get some pre-Christmas baking done. mostly, we wanted to make some caramels ahead of time because they are so time-consuming to make. it takes about three hours just to create the candy itself, never mind the time it takes to cut, salt, and wrap them. and before this can take place, the caramel needs to sit for 24 hours, unmoved. but the candy lasts for months, so it will be just fine for when the holidays roll around, provided they make it that long….

Mary's mom candy-makingwe also made some sour hard candies, mostly for me. sour pina colada and sour raspberry. Saturday, after the farmers’ market and a cupcake run, we headed over to Fennville, MI to pick up two cases of wine from Fenn Valley. and since we were already so close to Saugatuck, we made a stop there as well. I got a nice new stock of goodies from the Spice Merchants store there that I’ll have to share with you later.

Caramel candy-makingall the time and effort that these caramels take is totally worth it. it’s an old recipe from Martha Stewart (circa 1997). there is also a deep dark chocolate caramel, which we also tried (though for the first time this year, whereas we made the golden caramels last year). you can see those in the background on the table. last year, they went over so well. you’re sure to impress co-workers, friends, and family with these little gems this holiday season!


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