They’re Real Mascara Review

They're Real mascara

as you may have read in several of my previous posts, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mascara ever since I used up my Ultraflesh sample. I’m a big benefit cosmetics fan, so I tried their new mascara last Christmas. they’re real really does what it promises. it’s one of the darkest blacks I’ve found so far and it doesn’t clump easily or crumble off during wear. I absolutely love the brush, which is part comb, part regular mascara wand, and the tip is a spiked ball. I use the standard brush to get a volume of product on and brush it out the lengths of my lashes with the comb. any pieces stuck together can be manually pulled apart with the very end. and the end is also perfect for getting the tiny lashes at the inner corners of my eyes.typically, I only use this mascara on my top lashes.

I’ve just finished using up the tube I got for Christmas last year, so I thought I’d post a review. I would definitely buy this mascara again. but I’d like to look for a darker black first. however, this will be my new standby.


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