had dinner at Reserve, in downtown Grand Rapids, MI before going to see the new Silent Hill movie. located at 201 Monroe Ave., it’s right at the corner of Pearl. and there is Ellis parking right near by for convenience (though expect to spend about $10 for 2 hours). I had been reading reviews since it opened and nothing seemed that thrilling about it. although I am a fan of wine, most of the reviews suggested that the food would be mediocre and that it would all be very over-priced. well, maybe these reviews caused them to change things up, because the meal was decent enough.

Reserve logoyou must order this combination! for $16, you get any three cheeses that match your wine choices as well as the bread, honey, and chutney. probably could have shared it with 1-2 more people if we ordered more wine and dessert.

Reserve cheese platethe menu must change regularly because it was rather short and seemed local/seasonal. but there is absolutely nothing wrong with this because executive chef Matthew Millar seemed to pretty much nail it with the two dishes we ordered. for $12, I tried the Pierogi, handmade with scallion and potato. it included goat’s milk whey, Chinese chives, and butter. it was cooked up golden brown and awesome. I also got to try the Fromage Blanc Gnocchi, which was served with rabbit, cabbage, squash broth and brussels sprouts. though it was good, the gnocchi were a tad over-done. all of this paired extremely well with the 2010 Italian white wine our waitress recommended to me. it was a Roero Arneis by Vietti. dry, but with a citrus taste up-front and a sweet/vanilla after-taste.


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