Top 25 Movies

I have been compiling a list of some of my favorite movies over the last two weeks. though this list isn’t really complete, as I’m sure there are a few that I’ve missed but couldn’t come up with. enjoy!

01. Fight Club
02. Lord of the Rings
03. The Hunger Games
04. Pan’s Labyrinth
05. The Fall
06. Looper
07. Let Me In
08. American Psycho
09. How to Train Your Dragon
10. We Were Soldiers
11. Men in Black
12. Moonrise Kingdom
13. Fright Night (2012)
14. Silent Hill
15. Prince of Persia
16. The Proposal
17. Troy
18. Finding Nemo
19. The Nightmare Before Christmas
20. Sweeney Todd
21. What Dreams May Come
22. The Amazing Spiderman
23. That’s It, That’s All
24. Disturbia
25. The Orphanage


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