this week has been a week of packages arriving for me. I’ve gotten a nice assortment from Sephora and will be testing my way through these products in the next week or so. of course I will let you know how everything turns out!

also, I’ve received my prints from this is HP’s online print ordering site. you can turn your pictures into prints in varying sizes or into other totally giftable (read: soccer mom-ish) products. but the print quality is pretty good for being so cheap. and they offer some in-store pick-up options, though I have never used this service. it only took a few days for these to come in the mail and for $3.50, including the shipping, I’m pretty happy with the 25 photos I have in-hand now.

just today, I came home to a package from Miles Kimball. my mom had ordered me another seat belt clip. I’m quite short, so the seat belts in most cars come across my collar bone or neck. and in the case of the car I drive everyday, the seat belt comes across my neck and cannot be adjusted to ride any lower. aside from being uncomfortable in general, if I were to be in an accident, the bruise that you would normally get across the upper-chest would be right on my neck, possibly causing further injury. this handy little clip allows me to easily re-adjust the shoulder harness down to my upper-chest. and it’s so simple and small that it does not burden other drivers. thanks, mom!


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