A Word on Kim Kardashian

Collage of Kim Kardashian

image source: kimkardashian.celebuzz.com

I am a huge fan of Kim. she’s a curvier celebrity helping to redefine what is glamorous. it feels good to have women of all shapes and sizes rise into fame. not that Kim could qualify as a “plus-sized” model, but she does have the shape for some fashions that the traditional model couldn’t pull off. I like this because I have a difficult time connecting with the actresses I see on tv and in movies, the models in print and in digital media, and even the mannequins in stores. they’re all tall or average height and relatively thin with average hips, chest, and shoulders. obviously I don’t have the EXACT same build as Kim does, but I am curvier than average, especially for my height (which is the same as Kim’s height). so knowing that she’s great with style and beauty, I love looking to her as a role model!

though I’m not so much a huge fan of her newest boyfriend, Kayne West. I’d like to say that I was ahead of the curve in thinking he is arrogant and rude before he committed his famous “oh no, you didn’t” move during Taylor Swift’s shining moment. but if he makes Kim happy, who am I to judge? I guess.

for more of my favorite Kim Kardashian fashion, visit my inspirational picture blog’s KK category here!


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