Wednesday Night Is Pizza Night

for nearly the entire Summer and the better part of the Fall, I have been eating pizza for dinner on Wednesdays. while that night hasn’t always been a gym night for me, pizza is always a quick and delicious meal. while the Farmer’s Market was open, I was picking up the world’s most delicious pre-made pizza crusts every Saturday morning to use that coming Wednesday. but now that the Bova Bakery is not renting space at the market, I’m pretty much out of luck aside from placing an order online or driving several hours to their permanent location. 😦

so for a little while, our Wednesday night pizza night was put on hold. until tonight! I’m heading out to eat dinner with one of my closest friends and her boyfriend after the gym. it might make for a little bit of a later dinner than I’d like, but I should still be eating before 8p, I’m estimating, which isn’t so bad at all. Ginny has some pizza dough flour and she’s excited to try it out making her own crust for us. and I have to admit, I’m pretty stoked about it as well. making our own crust and finding a good recipe for it might banish the winter pizza crust blues!

Mary & Ginny in Austin, TX Ginny & Mary in Austin, TX


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