my typical primer is the neutral Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer. I started using it after falling in love with MUFE’s HD Microfinish powder, which is an amazing finishing powder product. the HD primer is light, colorless like lotion once applied, and fragrance-free. I’ve never broken out from it, even in the summertime, when I typically wear less liquid make-up products. it’s so light and feels like a nice moisturizer. I’m not certain whether it’s actually oil-free, but I don’t shine from it and it doesn’t leave an oily texture on my finger tips or face. it smooths into the fine lines and pores as an excellent base for liquid or powder foundations. though it is a little pricey (around $35 for a 1 oz. bottle), a little goes a long way; I’ve been using my second bottle for several months now and it’s not even half way empty.

as a part of my last Sephora make-up haul, I got to try their store brand primer. and, as promised, here is my review: this primer was not one of Sephora’s better store-brand products, unfortunately. the cost is pretty similar to MUFE’s product (though you only get 0.5 oz for $15 at a time), but the benefits are far from equivalent. Sephora’s primer left an oily feeling on my fingers and on parts of my face, though it did fade/sink into the skin after a time. I did not break out from the product. it is colorless, like lotion, and applies similarly. the primer was fragrance free as well. in comparison to MUFE’s primer, it was thicker and heavier feeling; not something I’d want to risk wearing and sweating under in hot weather. though the results were as promised. it did smooth away the fine lines and made for a good base for both liquid and powder foundations. I will probably use up the remainder of the bottle, but it will likely be my last bottle. I’m going to stick with lipsticks, lip liners, and eye liners for now from Sephora Collection, as they do a much better job with those!


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