although my stay in Chicago’s Swissotel was less desirable than I expected (or paid for), I managed to have a really great time! I had lots of great activities picked out and reservations  at some of the best places. check out some of the highlights (like the “lake view”, below).

the day began early with a short taxi trip over to Orange. when you show up just after opening, you can get a seat right away, like I did. and good thing too, because with a menu as great as theirs, it’s always packed. I tried the pancake flight, eggs Benedict, chorizo hash, and most notably, a carafe of their AWESOME orange-flavored coffee. it was so delightful, I grabbed up a 1/2 pound to go.


after breakfast, I walked off some of my newly gained weight at the Lincoln Park Conservatory and also the Lincoln Park Zoo. the conservatory was a nice way to warm up from the chill in the winter air, as it was extremely humid in there with all the plants. I saw all these cool plants and it was very interesting. I got some equally cool pictures of my experience as well (if I do say so myself), which I’ll share in further detail later.

and though some of the outdoor exhibits were closed down at the zoo (because of the cold), there were plenty of cute, exotic critters ready for our attention indoors. I especially loved the bird house and the meerkats.

after I’d spent several hours walking around, it was time for a nice late tea to relax. I had a reservation for tea at The Drake Hotel and it was simply amazing. very romantic with the live harp music and very delish (I’m a big tea fan). definitely recommend it for a special occasion (or more frequently if you’ve got some money to spare).
I didn’t have dinner plans until much later in order to have time for either shopping or resting. I decided to take a little break and napped back at the room for a bit. then I spent some time getting fancy for dinner. I had reservations at NoMI in the Park Hyatt in the window. our view was incredible (see below) as was the meal (not shown). I had a prime rib roast with cauliflower au gratin and sweet potato puree.

and as usual, my stomach found a way to ruin the end of a perfect day. after all this rich food (which I’m not really used to), I was then too sick to do anything else.


One thought on “Chicago

  1. MOM says:

    that meerkat has a similar face and body style to that of a natecat. Are they related? and would those little ones be as cute or cuter if they were natekitties?


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