Today’s Manicure

even though I own a variety of colors, I typically end up using one of the same three or four polishes when I paint my fingers. the same goes for my toes, although they’re a different set of colors. and it does bug me if my fingers clash with my toes. so I did something a little different, though still kind of neutral for the week. this is my snow/winter inspired manicure (below):

I started with three coats of Nicole by OPI in “it’s all about the glam,” since it’s a somewhat opaque polish. to me, it seems that the Nicole line is not as nice as the standard OPI line (I have the same thought about the OPI line made for Sephora). this white with faint shimmer is one of Kim Kardashian’s polish colors from the Kardashian OPI line. each layer was given about two to five minutes to dry before the next layer of white was applied.

after the white was dry to the touch (about thirty minutes – a good chuck of a Desperate Housewives episode), I applied one layer of Pantone Universe polish in “cradle pink.” this color is completely sheer and is quite true to the photo (assuming your screen is color calibrated) – a greyish-pinky color with opalescent qualities. over the slight glitter in the white polish, this gave a nice “freshly fallen snow” look!

to do something a little extra fancy, I painted a fifth layer onto my ring finger nails later in the evening. I wanted to wait quite a while to ensure that the underlying polish would be completely dry since so many layers were applied. I am absolutely in love with this clear polish by Essie called “set in stone.” it’s mixture of small and large silver glitter chunks aren’t too over the top. in the past, I’ve done several layers of just this polish to achieve what appears to be tin foil nails. once this polish was pretty much dry to the touch, I patted the glitter flat with my finger tips to avoid any snags. because this luxe polish is so packed with glitter, it can be sharp. I’ve snagged tights and have even gotten scrapes from it until I learned to pat it down or cover it in a standard clear polish. but this isn’t a defect in this particular polish – any chunky glitter top coat will do this.


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