It’s My Birthday!!

twenty-something is all I need to express. nothing more.

the day began kind of rough, but my mom and I manage to get my hair re-dyed and make our manicure appointment on time. though my mom has had acrylic done many times in the past, she’s never had a shellac/gelish mani and I hope she’ll find she likes them as well as I do. they breathe more, are dry when you leave the salon, cost about the same, and crack less. I got a shiny bubblegum pink polish put on.

we had some amazing chocolate Challah French toast made with special bread from Nantucket Baking Co. (you can see my older post with the worth-it recipe here). and spent a large portion of the day visiting various antique shops and boutiques throughout the city. we didn’t really find anything, but it was a nice time. I even got to speak with my Motta grandparents on the phone during our shopping trip.

we had dinner at six one six, located inside of the JW Marriott in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. it was fancy and delish, of course. definitely a must-try if you’re in town and looking for something impressive (both atmosphere and cuisine). I’d rate it a $$$$ of $$$$ as it cost us a pretty penny to fully feed four people (about three courses). after dinner, we tried to find room for the s’mores heart-shaped cake my mom made. it was amazing and I wish I’d had space for more at the time!
I’ll have to share some of my favorite birthday gifts later!


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