Skiing at Schuss Mountain

Friday after work, I made the hike up North to Schuss Mountain for a day of skiing! I arrived quite late Friday, but it was enough time to grab some cookies for a late-night snack and kick off the Great Canadian Cookie Bake-off.

Saturday morning, we got up early to go rent gear and get lift tickets. we spent the better part of the day skiing and were able to easily ski to our chalet for lunch. my mom’s cousin Mary made grilled cheese with salami for us, which was a welcome hot treat.

later that evening, we’d all sampled the majority of the cookies everyone submitted. I was hopeful for both of my creations (carrot cake cookie sandwiches and red velvet cookies). I’ll have you know I won second place AND first place too. thanks, Pinterest! I’ll try to remember to post the recipes at another time.


2 thoughts on “Skiing at Schuss Mountain

  1. mom says:

    I have a picture on my phone of you receiving the 2013 Great Canadian Cookie Contest Crown being presented from the 2012 reigning queen/princess. Would you post it, as it is quite the honor…..


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