Fruit with Breakfast

having fruit with my cereal bar this morning in an effort to continue my new year’s goals of being healthier. plus berries really are so delicious. hopefully your resolutions are still coming along and you haven’t already forgotten them by now! this is why it is important to make meaningful and realistic goals :]

got a lot on my plate with the weekend coming up and things have been slow-going on my to-do list unfortunately. the snow has not relented here yet and it has made traveling a joke. my normal twenty minute commute to work has doubled and the way back is usually worse. this makes it difficult to run errands because they simply take soo long. and there’s of course the danger associated with driving in this sloppy garbage. makes you ask yourself, “do I HAVE to get his done now?” so some things have been put off… must catch them up tomorrow as I am running out of time!

later I am meeting Ginny and we will be heading downtown to see a special Graphic Design exhibit put on by the Grand Rapids Art Museum (the GRAM). should be cool, but hopefully it won’t be packed with hipsters. that’s been a common problem as of late with anything art or music related around the area. frankly, it ruins the mood. but I imagine it will be a good time for the two of us anyway!


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