Mad Men Celebration

had a Mad Men themed celebration with my best girls yesterday. after we all finished getting ready at the apartment and toasted with campaign Marcy provided, we went out for dinner at Mangiamo! near East town on Lake. there, my besties all got to know one another over some great Italian cuisine.

Marcy, Rebecca, Mary, Karen, and Ginny

Marcy and I have been friends since high school. Rebecca is my best sister from my sorority days with Gamma Phi Beta at Oakland University. Karen and I met during art school at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. and Ginny is my oldest friend; we grew up next door neighbors and our parents still live there.

after dinner and wine, we came back to the apartment for cupcakes and gifts. I was surprised that everyone brought presents for me! it was so nice of all the girls and I love everything. I’ll be sure to put up pictures of all the great gifts they thought of. then it was time to head out for martinis at Republic.

I had the white chocolate raspberry martini, which is my favorite. it’s been some time since we last sat on the Republic side of Rockwell/Republic in Downtown; we normally drink and dine on the Rockwell side. I think it was my 23rd birthday last time, celebrating with Ginny.

it was a really wonderful evening, having all my best girls together in one place. we made my favorite french toast with Nantucket Baking Co.’s chocolate challah bread for breakfast the next morning. everyone was able to join us except Karen and her boyfriend, who were already committed to preparing for a superbowl party (go ravens!). Cody (Rebecca’s boyfriend) was able to join us and Kevin (Ginny’s boyfriend) came over with her in my morning as well. no complaints or even hangovers! it was such a perfect event. :]


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