In (My) Television Lately

because I’m a fan of Connie Britton, I decided to give that new show, Nashville, a shot. I first started to really appreciate her when I caught up with the first season of American Horror Story over the summer. and I was bummed to learn that she didn’t move onto season two, as many of the other actors did. this is where she moved to instead. if I had nothing else competing with Nashville’s timeslot, I might watch this show regularly, but probably not. I already get enough of the South in Hart of Dixie and I can only handle so much in the year afterall. though it does have its funny moments, I should say. ABC has some decent writers this year. if you like Country music, you’ll probably be a bigger fan that I, as I do not. and this show really, really, REALLY centers around it. I though, how much singing could there be? but it’s practically a Disney channel show.

also airing in the fall, was the second season of American Horror Story, which I’m just starting now. many of the actors of the first season have returned, now playing different roles as the storyline is not related to the first season. I have watched three of four episodes now and I can say that, so far, it is not quite as “scary” as the first season, but it is on par with its level of “disturbingness.” we’ll see how it progresses from here; I am curious how they will successfully intertwine aliens, Nazis, satanic possession, mutants, and crazies as well as they did for all the elements of the first season’s storyline.

yes, I know it’s old. but due to Hulu+ randomly not updating their materials, I’ve had to do something! about half way through the fall season, Hulu+ no longer put up new shows as they aired. I was in the middle of Revenge, Hart of Dixie, Law and Order: SVU, and other shows. suddenly, I couldn’t come on the next day (after the show aired live) or even later the same week and watch the most recent episode. and once I started getting behind, I decided to just wait for the end of the seasons. so, I started Desperate Housewives over from its beginning. it’s been interesting to say the least! this was a good show when it was on, but it’s a little bit dated now. I remember watching episodes with my parents when it first aired (like seasons 1 and 2), but now that I’m into season 5, I’ve definitely surpassed being familiar with the storyline. I hope it doesn’t get pathetic by the end, like some other shows (Grey’s Anatomy!).

that’s right, Archer‘s back! and it remains as one of my favorite shows (who doesn’t love H. Jon Benjamin’s voice-acting work in just about anything?!). this season is proving to be no different. it opened with a cross-over episode with Bob’s Burgers (Benjamin voices the main character of that show as well) and it was nothing short of hilarious. I can’t wait for the rest of the season!


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