Hating the Cold

it’s been Winter for ages now, really. I’m totally over it and any time the weather wants to warm up, I would be just fine with that. for the first time since I can remember (and definitely the first time since I’ve been driving a car), all season, we’ve received a consistently large amount of snow. I’m tired of getting up early to drive longer to work…

so here’s something odd that started happening about three or four weeks ago. after being in the cold for a short period of time (driving 10-15 minutes to a friends without warming up the car first or scraping my windshield in the morning) some of my fingers will lose feeling. it does not have to do with any of the rings I wear, which I thought at first might be the cause. but since that time, it has happened to other fingers. it usually only happens to one or two at a time. and so far, only one hand or the other; it has happened to fingers on both hands.

not only do I lose all the feeling, but the finger will feel cold to my other fingers. you can see a visible difference when it happens as well, like there is no blood in my finger (see photos from separate occasions below). I’m not sure that there’s ACTUALLY no blood, but the lack of red coloring seems to indicate this. something else that’s important to note: I ALWAYS wear gloves, so I’m not exposing my hands to really extreme temperatures or water/snow. this also doesn’t feel like frost bite, which I have had in one finger (not yet affected by this current problem).

I can usually regain feeling within 15-20 minutes, but I worry that this may be causing some kind of damage to the skin or nerves. I have tried warming up my fingers with warm water, the heated seat of my car, and with hot air (vents in car and hair dryer). I also usually rub the finger(s) and palm of the afflicted hand to stimulate blood flow. as I regain feeling slowly, my finger(s) begin to sting. I have no idea what the problem is, but it is now happening with more frequency. it started at once a week and now has happened two days in a row, the last time being my walk from where I parked my car in the Target parking lot and into the store (less than five minutes).

do you know what could be happening or how I can deal with it to make it better?


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