Wine Night with Marcy

after work yesterday, I headed across the state to visit with my good friend, Marcy. since we share a love of sweeter wines, we shared a bottle of raspberry flavored Spumante after I arrived later in the evening. she had prepared a platter of tastes treats since I’d gone lighter on dinner. perfect way to sit and catch up together!

we had an English aged white cheddar, a really tart and delicious blue, and an exceptionally creamy cheese with cranberry (not sure what kind). Marcy also prepared blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, dried cherries, pecans in raw honey, sweet sesame table crackers, and freshly toasted French bread. awesome for any kind of wine tasting.

since it was late, we chatted for a bit, catching up and then finalized plans for today. all in time to watch the 3rd quarter and overtime in the Red Wings vs. Oilers game. we got to bed rather late since it was an away game, way over in Alberta. thanks to a mistake (the other team accidentally scored on themselves and allowed the game to go into overtime), we were able to take a win. what luck!


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