Friday in the Kitchen with Karen

Karen came over later, after work, on Friday. we had intended to do some crafts together from Pinterest, but we couldn’t come up with anything worth doing that we had all of the components for at the time. though I had a few recipes I had found and that had been recommended to me, so we set to the kitchen.

our first endeavor was something I had already planned to do, but later in the week. I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest awhile ago when searching for Easter dinner ideas – chocolate dipped Peeps! so simple and so cute – we just had to give it a shot. it took Karen and I about 45 minutes to an hour to get everything set up, dip and decorate the Peeps, and get cleaned up. so this is totally something you can find time to do! we chose to only use vanilla chips because that’s what I had at the time, but I think it looks cleaner than standard chocolate anyway. after dipping the marshmallows in the melted chocolate, we dipped them into different colored sprinkles and left them to harden/dry on parchment paper for maybe 15 minutes. they tasted and looked awesome!

after a yummy dinner of mixed rice (millet, brown rice, and quinoa), Brussels sprouts, and salmon, we got to making our second recipe. this easy homemade pretzel recipe calls for ingredients you probably have around the kitchen (maybe you don’t have active yeast – but why not? you can store it longterm in the freezer and use it as needed). we only had whole wheat flour to work with at the time, so we made some delicious whole wheat pretzels, inspired by my friend Ginny (who recommended this recipe). I will be making these again!

as a reward to myself for going to a hot yoga class for the first time on Thursday, I promised myself I’d make some kind of puppy chow over the weekend. couldn’t have me losing any weight, now could we? since our pretzel dough had a 30-minute rising period, Karen and I took a stab at a cupcake-flavored puppy chow. I didn’t know, until very recently, that there are several other versions of puppy chow (or muddy buddies) out there, not until Pinterest (of course). this was one of many recipes that I have pinned on my board right now. it turned out semi-decently, but got stale literally over-night. since I don’t think it’s really worth it, I won’t be sharing this recipe with you. definitely will in the future if I find a better version, so don’t worry.

we had a fun night hanging out in the kitchen together and will have to make plans together again soon after the Easter holiday has passed.


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