Pantone Universe Illuminating Primer

when it comes to makeup, I prefer the matte look overall. because my face produces its own oil, I usually steer towards matte products – I don’t need to look any shinier! but there are times when shininess cannot be avoided – like most of the Summer. though I work primarily in a temperature-controlled environment, my home isn’t always the coolest during the hot Summer months. and then there’s all that time spent outside. during times like these, it is easier to CONTROL the shine, rather than try to avoid it altogether (which is nearly impossible). when your shine looks more like a glow, it looks purposeful and therefore better than looking sweaty. don’t you think?

I’m a particular fan of Tarte’s luminizing cream, but I had my eye on the Sephora/Pantone Universe illuminating primer when it came out. finally, about a week ago, it came down in price to an amount that I could afford (just $11, what a steal!). though it’s difficult to see in the image, the cream is iridescent. it goes onto the skin very smoothly and leaves just a hint of this iridescent property behind. the perfect controlled glow. at least, it has looked that way so far. we haven’t had nearly warm enough weather for me to test whether or not it will melt off with sweat or not, but I have high hopes.


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