$5-Off Burger Night

headed to Stella’s downtown yesterday for their $5-off burger night. in 2012, Stella’s was rated the nation’s best burger by GQ and surprisingly, I hadn’t previously dined there since living in Grand Rapids, MI. so I met up with my friend, Zack, and headed over to hurry up and wait in line. they were extremely busy – not only because of the prices and the notoriety, but also because of a concert going on down the street at Van Andel Arena (yeah, parking was pretty much a joke too). after the hour and a half wait, we ordered our burgers and hoped for the best!

I tried their hottest burger, the Queso Jalapeno burger. it was served with what I would call “angry fries,” but are locally known as “crack fries” (not to be confused with the crack fries over at Hop Cat). all was delicious until I discovered a piece of hair in my burger. figuring it was my own, since it was so long, I pulled it out of my mouth and ate on. for about thirty seconds, when I discovered a bunch more long hair. and this hair was definitely NOT my own because it had been cooked into the ground beef – the patty fell apart as I pulled it out. talk about disgusting. one piece, I mean, it sometimes happens. a whole bunch like this? – I’m questioning Stella’s kitchen and its ability to uphold local, state, and federal codes…. hair aside though, the first half of my burger was good. nation’s best burger? – probably not, but up there. (EDIT: I ended up feeling awful about two hours after dinner, through the night, and into the next day. I ended up getting sick at work.)

in stark contrast to my horrendous burger experience, the gooey gooey chocolate chip cookie rolls were amazing. I’ve never had a dessert like this before! they’re egg roll wrappers surrounding cookie dough that’s deep fried and served with powdered sugar and a strawberry. probably not good for the health, but so tasty and so unique! I may have to attempt a knock-off version myself.


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