Girl’s Day

Ginny and I have been planning a “Girl’s Day” for a little while now. just a whole day that we can spend together and do the stuff that we wanna do without the guys. pretty fun-sounding, right?

we started the day off today around 10:30a at a downtown coffee shop. Ginny’s always got the latest info on restaurants and places like this, so I had high hopes. and I wasn’t disappointed. Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge was larger on the inside than it looks from the door. it has a load of downstairs seating that would be perfect for schoolwork, meet-ups, or getting some work done. they had a Michigan coffee and a global coffee available and these two will change at-will, sometimes with a third option. we tried the global coffee and sat for a bit to wake up, discussing coming concerts.

our drive out to Marshall, MI was a long one. but the day was turning out to be beautiful! we both took off our coats and even opened some of the windows while we drove. after arriving, Ginny found a great little tapas restaurant for breakfast called Zarzuela. it’s located right on the main road with all the antique shops, though a little near the end of downtown. it wasn’t busy when we went in, but I think it would be worth a wait. I tried a special – crepes con huevos y queso. what could be better than crepes stuffed with fluffy scrambled egges and topped with a manchego sauce? mmm, so good! we even had house-made fresh potato chips with garlic sauce.

it was so nice out! we left our coats and sweaters in the car all day. I got to wear my maxi dress all day long (even though I had brought pants just in case the weather turned sour). very surprising, but delightful. I am so glad the weather is finally starting to turn around from the longest Winter ever.

the antique shopping was fun. we walked up and down the main strip of Marshall checking out all the little shops, though either of us had anything in mind to buy. I scored a nice set of Butterfly Gold Pyrex bowls. the larger and smaller (gold) bowls are probably part of an original set, but the middle bowl has a microwave-safe marking. so I know that one is newer. but I don’t plan to really re-sell any of the pieces I collect. I just like to have and use them. so for $18, I got a pretty good deal, considering that they were in good shape.

I got a little gift for my mom for Mother’s Day from paper & i, which was an adorable little shop full of cool stationary and home items. it also seemed like they had a good selection of scrapbooking supplies too – papers, stickers, ribbon, etc. it’s the kind of shop that makes you want to buy almost everything because its all so cute!

and then there was this in Amazing Grace Antiques…. haha.

we had a pleasant drive back to Grand Rapids, where we stopped at the mall and did a little shopping before dinner. surprise, surprise, we got reservations at Maru in Eastown. it was so good, I’ll have to tell you more about it in another post.


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