Maru with Ginny

Ginny and I love Maru. it’s quite obviously the best sushi in the city, maybe the state. yesterday we had a lovely later dinner-time meal together. mmm, so so good.

we shared their edamame appetizer before our entrees came out. I had their pineapple upside-down cake martini, which was very different from any martini I’ve ever had. it was as delicious as it was pretty. I ordered my usual – Philadelphia roll and veggie boogie roll. Ginny ordered the crunchy salmon roll, which is one of her usual favorites, but she tried the Rio Grande roll this time too. it was spicy from Serrano peppers and contained tomato, served alongside guacamole. totally different, right? but it was surprisingly tasty and we both liked it.

somehow we made space for dessert. between the two of us, we shared the Triple Mochi. it was a combination of strawberry, mango, and red bean mochi, served with macha ice cream, and topped with candied walnuts, fresh chutney, and a fried wonton. despite how much sushi we had already ingested, we pretty much demolished the whole thing….


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