Summer Makeup – Eyes

with my light olive-based skin tone, I’m drawn to using neutral colors like browns and peaches. but in the summertime, I can add to the spectrum a bit more (speaking solely about natural looks here and nothing “colorful” like purple). so I get to play around with the addition of golds, ivory, and coppers – all of which are perfect for the season.

Victoria’s Secret – 24K (Sparkle Silky Eye Shadow) – this affordable shadow is great because it is somewhat creamy. I like to apply it with my fingertip because it tends to clump up on brushes. however, a stiff brush works well for applying wet. there’s a bit of shimmer and glitter in this extremely straw-golden shadow, but it still works for a daily look, especially as a highlight color. for a more intense look, it’s almost metallic-looking applied wet and paired with bronze – perfect for a Summer night out.

Laura Mercier – V.I.P. Gold (Foiled Eye Color) – as a pressed eye shadow color, this is a pretty hard product. but that’s a good thing because it’s also extremely pigmented. this way, you don’t get too much on your brush or fingertip at once, but it’s still buildable. metallic with no glitter and very little shimmer, this is the closest I’ve seen eye shadow color come to being really “gold” I think this is because it’s very yellow, but also deeply metallic. I use this sparingly and also like to lightly apply it to cheekbones from time to time.

MAC – Retro Speck (Lustre Eye Shadow) – this is a lighter golden colored shadow, perfectly suited for highlighting in the summertime. this is typically the highlight color I use with all my powder-based golden looks, on the inner eye and brow bone areas. while not overly glittery, there is a bit of glitter in there, rather than shimmer. but it is well-matched with the subtle metallic look to the color. this is the most color “neutral” eye shadow color I’ve worked with in the gold family – I would recommend it to many skin tone colors.

Sephora – 05 Beige (Jumbo Liner Crayon – Waterproof) – even though I wear this peach color all year long, it’s perfect for the summer. it’s a shimmery golden-toned peach crayon that can be applied over eye primer, under eye shadow, or on its own. and because it’s waterproof, you won’t have to worry about this cream shadow melting off in the warmer weather. this also makes it perfect for the beach. I haven’t had problems with creasing, even with color applied over top.

Benefit – Bikini-tini (cream eye color) – pinky-peach, this is the perfect cream highlighting color. because I like to either use all cream-based or all light mineral powders in the warmer months, this is the perfect companion for the Beige crayon from Sephora. it’s got enough peach to match, but is lighter and catches light more noticeably, making it perfect for the brow bone and inner eye areas. I have had a tiny bit of creasing when using this on my whole eye, over the crease. but the color really isn’t suited for my liking to use that way anyway. it works well on over eye primer, under eye shadow, or on its own.

I’m a sucker for all the great colors Bare Minerals consistently puts out. so over time, I’ve naturally gathered a little collection. here, I’m only going to talk about four of my favorites for Summer. otherwise, we’d be here all day! these shadows are mineral-based and therefore all-natural. the ones I’m covering come as lose powders which can be applied with a brush or by fingertip and look great wet or dry.

Bare Minerals – Summer (Eye Color) – aptly named, eh? this is a golden-nude eye shadow, packed to the brim with golden shimmer. its sheer quality keeps it from looking too gaudy or glittery though. I chiefly use this as a blending color because it’s not too dark and has a nude base. it give my whole eye look a golden shimmer without changing the color of what I’ve already put on.

Bare Minerals – Splendid (Eye Color) – more metallic in nature than any of the other Bare Minerals eye colors I’ve used, this eye shadow is a medium-dark copper color. though it applies dry, it applies more easily wet and looks stunning done this way. it’s perfect for pairing with peach or gold and makes a great crease color (applied dry for day/work looks and applied wet for night looks). I also like to put a tiny bit of it just below the bottom lash line for a ultra-sultry Summer nighttime look on occasion.

Bare Minerals – Overjoyed (Eye Color) – if there could only be one peach shadow out there, this should be it! generously pigmented, this is a warm peachy color with plenty of golden shimmer. when applied over eye primer, it is not so shimmery that it couldn’t be worn to work. applied wet, however, it is a bit dramatic with all that gold. but I plan to wear this color with or without eye primer throughout the year.

Bare Minerals – Mademoiselle (Eye Color) – this is the perfect highlight color for Summer. it’s a light and peachy nude with just the right amount of peach-gold shimmer for use on the brow bone area (we don’t want too much shimmer or glitter up there!). for a more nude look, I’ve also used this over my whole eye with eye primer. this color pairs beautifully with all the Bare Mineral colors mentioned above as well as several of the golden-toned colors from both the Naked and Naked 2 Urban Decay eye shadow sets.


7 thoughts on “Summer Makeup – Eyes

  1. Sam says:

    I’ve never tried the bareMinerals eyeshadows either, but I am in love with their mineral foundation and concealer. I actually have a bunch of mineral eyeshadows from e.l.f. that I got awhile ago in one of their promotions, and they work super well for being like $3 a piece. Ugh. I wish I had millions of dollars, and I could buy bareMinerals whole collection. Nice post by the way. It was a nice little overview for some summer looks!


    • strangemaryjane says:

      thanks, Sam! I have a Summer makeup series lined up for the next few Wednesdays; lips, skin, and blush/bronzer. hope you might like those as well.

      I also wish I just had money I could blow on loads of makeup, or just in general really. I have tried a few things from e.l.f. and have been pleased so far – especially their clear brow/eyelash gel. but I’ve never tried their mineral shadows; I will have to give them a shot sometime!


    • strangemaryjane says:

      thanks for commenting! I love their eye color from what I’ve tried of it. though it can be a little pricey, it’s nice that you can try almost any color at the store first before you commit to something that won’t work. check out an outlet if you can sometime – they are pretty prevalent and the minerals don’t really “go bad” if it’s just unopened loose powders. good luck!


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