Marcy Visits!

Marcy is out visiting for the weekend as a belated birthday celebration. we got up semi-early in hopes of visiting the farmers market, but we spent too much time catching up and gossiping this morning. oh, well. there’s always next week!

it didn’t start off very warm, but it got nicer as the day went on. and we were lucky that it happened so as we spent the day in Holland, MI wandering between the stores and looking at some of the leftover tulips. they have some surprisingly cute little shops and clothing stores there.

we ate in at Alpen Rose and had a pretty filling seafood dinner. I ordered a whitefish and Marcy had almond-crusted sea scallops. I am not sure what exactly a scallop is, but she let me try a bite. it was decent – tasted like a generic fish taste, so I’m not sure how to describe it really. but the highlight of our meal was definitely the goat cheese “fondue” we scored at half-off as our appetizer.

we left with dessert to-go. I’m not sure we could have fit another bite. but a little later on, we’ll be getting into our goodies, I’m sure. after we get some traditional baking in anyway.



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