Summer Makeup – Skin

in the Summer months (ahem, weeks in Michigan), my makeup routine has to adapt to the rising temperature and humidity. I find that using too much makeup can cause breakouts more than normal because the use of powder combined with increased sweating and humidity tends to clog my pores. it also looks gross on my skin as it absorbs too much moisture. so I’d like to share two of my absolute favorite summer products that I just can’t live without.

Tarte – Smooth Operator (Illuminating Serum) – it’s kind of hard to explain exactly what this serum does. I skip my primer and go straight for this. it is misleading to be labeled as a “serum” in my opinion because it seems more like a cream. like a cross between sheer liquid foundation and lotion. regardless, it goes on smooth and battles oily and sweaty skin pretty well. to my knowledge, this only comes in one color – a sort of medium red-based nude. but despite being red-based, it’s so sheer and luminous, that it doesn’t contrast with my olive-based skin tone, which makes me believe that it would be good for a wide range of skin colors. it is just enough color to help dark or patchy areas look more even, but not quite enough for me to go without some powder over top on my nose and forehead for a work meeting or date. perfect solo, however for daily use without powder for work or the beach.

Urban Decay – De Slick (Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray) – this spray bottle is a God-send. throughout the year, I typically use another Urban Decay makeup setting spray called Up All Night. you can think of it basically as hair-spray for you face. you spray your hair after you’ve styled it to keep it in place. and you use a makeup setting spray to keep your make up looking as it should once you’re done too (though unlike hairspray, you can’t actually feel any residue on your face after it dries). De Slick is formulated to keep your makeup set and to also prevent that oily look. it works so well, I’m on my second bottle and the second time I purchased their largest size. it works well to get a travel-sized from one of their many fun kits and refill it from the larger bottle.

and just one more product that I have to share with you, despite not being related to the face. I am in love with Tarte’s Dry Oil Shimmer spray (Celebutante). it comes in a little spray bottle that, if the liquid didn’t appear as thick, could pass as perfume. the one-size-fits-all generic nude color is useful for any skin tone because the actual liquid is clear. it’s only the immense amount of shimmer in it that is nude-colored. easy to apply as a spray, I don’t recommend spraying over a hard floor. it is oil-based and, even though it does dry quickly on the skin, it doesn’t absorb into floors and hard surfaces as quickly and can leave them slick. why use what is essentially glorified body glitter in the summer? – because you don’t want to shave your legs every single day, do you? I don’t. but I don’t want to wear pants either. and adding a bit of sparkle basically camouflages day two to day three stubble. no-brainer, right? plus, it’s coconut scented.


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