Hair Cut?

I’ve been growing my hair out for years. it requires so much care to keep it healthy feeling and looking when you spread out the time between trims. experts say that four months is the longest you should go between trims. this is because the amount of breakage and damage to the ends actually is worse than the amount you’d be getting cut off. but I do a lot to keep my hair from breaking and it’s been very successful for me.

it was because of the the rising popularity of Hannah Montana on the Disney channel, staring Miley Cyrus, that I first decided I wanted to grow out my chin-length hair. she had high-waist length hair and it was always curled or wavy. well I achieved that length about two summers ago. I then got my first real trim. and since then I’ve only had one other trimming done. so it’s gotten to the small of my back now.

it takes a lot of care to keep hair of this length looking nice. I use more shampoo and conditioner than most people. and it has to be decent shampoo and conditioner. not only does this cost me a little more, but it costs me time getting ready in the morning before work too. it actually takes me longer to wash and rinse my hair in a noticeable way. and drying is about a 15 minute process. I’ve switched now to showering at night because it takes up so much time in the morning. this 35-45 minute process doesn’t include any kind of styling either. in fact, styling has become a chore. my hair is too heavy for quick curling, so I seldom curl it anymore (actually, I can’t remember the last time I did curl it). I go for a wavy look frequently, but more often than not, my hair is in a bun where it’s length is indiscernible anyway. so I’ve been thinking about getting a hair cut.

don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my hair. I get a lot of complements on it and I do think it’s pretty. I’m just tired of taking care of it and feel like I could use a little break. I’m thinking 4-6 inches. what do you think?


3 thoughts on “Hair Cut?

  1. pearlsandparis says:

    you have AMAZING hair – mine is so brittle and thin & I can’t grow it out this way (thank goodness for clip in extensions lol) it seems like your hair grows pretty fast so if your looking for a change maybe cut a few inches off. It’ll give you a new look and if you aren’t in love with it you know it’ll grow back pretty quickly and if you do maybe you can decide from there to go shorter,


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