Parents Visiting

my parents came into town early this morning, in time to join me on my weekly (or thereabouts) trip to the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market. I had a bit of a light sleep, so I was slow moving in the early morning, but came around with my mom and day’s motivation.

we found better macaron samples than a few weeks prior from a semi-new vendor to the market. Le Bon Macaron is from East Lansing and they make a fine macaron. to be honest, so do I, especially in comparison to their shells (which is quite the pat on the back, I realize). but they probably have loads more experience, the ability to control their immediate climate, a professional-grade oven, and other professional tools. I, on the other hand, make macarons alone, in my apartment, with my pretty standard baking equipment. oh, and my weird burny/under-cooking oven. regardless, I don’t have the time or energy to produce enough on my own to make a living (or even sell occasionally). plus, I can’t stick a good filling that I like other than marshmallow creme or chocolate ganache. so they’ve got me beat. they’re no Laduree, but they earned $12 of my dollars for 6 cookies anyway.

after a successful trip to the market, the three of us headed home for lunch. we caught up over Sun Chips and Daddy Sandwiches. YUM! with full bellies, we were ready for the drive out to PJ Hoffmaster State Park on Lake Michigan.

after deciding we didn’t really want sand everywhere, we turned our sights to nearby Grand Haven and the more popularly frequented beach-front State Park there. the weather was calling for rain initially, but it held out long enough for us to stroll through the downtown area and check out the shops.


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